What is stopping the box from moving?

The box is being jammed by half of Listers Pool Cue. It can be seen on the lower right side corner of the box. If you click on it you can get it.


How do I reach the switch?

You need both halves of Listers Pool Cue to reach it. They join together automatically when you have both pieces.


How do I get the Cue from the live wires?

You cannot open the Junction Box so you need to fire the bazookoid at it.

This will only work after you have moved the box to expose the live wires.


How do I turn Holly on?

After you have used the pool cue to activate the switch, you need to click on the console to power on Holly. You can click anywhere on the console to do this.


Why cant I get out?

If yo have powered on Holly and still cannot get out it is probally because you do not have Krytens head. Go and talk to Holly and he will tell you where it is and how to get it. To talk to Holly just click on his image on the screen. When you have the Head you will be able to leave the Console room.