Locker Room

How do I get past the Skutter?

Stabbim the skutter has gone bezerk and is beyond repair. You must disable him and the only way to do that is with the Bazookoid. (When you get it). You need to clck on the Bazoikood to arm it. A red box will appear on the left hand side of the screen to tell you it is activated. Click on the target to fire the Bazookoid.


Where is the Bazoikoid?

The Bazookoid is in one of the Lockers, on most screen resolutions it is on the second to bottom row of lockers, about 6 lockers from the left.

To open it you need a key. This is located behind the right hand box on the floor. To move the box just click on it. To collect the key just click on it. To use the key click on it (in your inventory), then click on the locker you want to unlock. If you have the correct locker it will open and you can get the Bazookoid.


How do I get out of the locker room?

You need to find the Door Card.

This is a swipe card that allows the door to unlock. It is located in a locker.


Where is the Doorcard?

You need to turn around (face away from the door), and the locker on most screen resolutions, is on the lowest row, 3rd in from the left. The door is stuck and will need to be blown off with your bazookoid. To pick up the Door Card just click on it. You use it like any other object, ie. click on it in your inventory, then click on the door.