The Red Dwarf Games and other Red Dwarf Stuff

This game is written totally by Greg Haywood and is presented free for Red Dwarf fans to enjoy.

I receive no payments or rewards for this work.

Any copyright infringements are accidental and I apologise in advance if I have unknowingly stepped over the mark. I will remove any offending material as soon as I become aware of it.

Red Dwarf and probably a whole swag of other stuff are the property of Grant / Naylor or the BBC. Although I will attempt to fix any bugs and expand the game I cannot offer support for it. I have no association with Grant / Naylor the BBC or any other official Red Dwarf persons living or dead.

All graphics used in the games have been created by myself.

I have never worked for the Jupiter Mining Corporation or been catapulted 3 million years into deep space. I am not married to HHGGG, HHGGG, HHHGGRRRR or any other GELF, nor am I a rogue stimulant, but I do eat a lot of curries.