Kryten was discovered by the boyz on the Dwarf after they received a distress call from the vessel Nova 5, stating there were 3 female crew members in need of medical attention. Needless to say the posse were soon on their way. Unfortunatly, the female crew members were all dead, so they returned to the Dwarf with their new crew member.

Kryten is a series 4000 mechanoid, some would say a Kazi-Droid. He was created to serve and is only happy when he is doing just that. He cooks and cleans and scrubs Mr Listers gussets-(perhaps the only job he dislikes). He is a fully qualified pilot, and regularly pilots Starbug on away missions.

In conjunction with Lister he has succeeded in breaking part of his programming and can now lie, cheat and steal with the best of them. He discovered this after he met a Blob called Camile, a pleasure GELF, and lied rather than hurt her feelings.

He obeys humans orders no matter how deranged (its in his programming) . His one great wish was to become human...until he tried it!. If he asks you, DONT look at his polaroid collection.

Just because I have a head shaped like an amusing pile of mashed potato , doesnt mean Im not sophisticated