Old Iron Balls himself

Arnold bonehead Rimmer

Second Technician Arnold J Rimmer (the J stands for Judas), left home to become an Officer and a Gentleman like his brothers John,Frank and Howard but instead became a Second Technician on the mining ship Red Dwarf cleaning out blocked nozzles in the chicken soup machines.

Arnold beleives he is a failure in his mothers eyes, his fathers eyes and anyone WITH eyes.

During childhood, his father bought a rack, and every morning he would measure his sons to see if they had grown during the night. If they hadnt, then they would go on the rack to be stretched.

Rimmers father also tested them on Astro-Navigation and Engineering Theory before they were allowed to eat. If they gave incorrect answers there was no food. During this time Rimmer nearly died of malnutrition.

Rimmer was the cause of Red Dwarfs accident by failing to properly secure a maintenance panel, resulting in radiation flooding the entire ship and killing all the crew.

He was brought back as a hologram to keep Lister company, and to keep

Listers sanity. This wouldnt be too bad if Rimmers main interests hadnt been 20th century telegraph poles, morris dancing and hammond organ music (preferbly by Reggie Wilson).

Rimmer is a back stabbing ,weasly ,coward (not to mention a smeghead) with the morals of a pubic louse, who would sell his own mother to get himself out of trouble.

He has failed the engineers exam on no fewer than 13 occasions, including one time when he wrote the words I am a fish all over the exam paper .

Arnolds alter-ego is Ace Rimmer (what a guy).

Ive come to regard you as .. people I met