Dave cinzano bianco Lister

Dave Lister , unwashed space bum , joined Red Dwarfs crew as a Second Technicians assistant. He left his job as a supermarket trolley attendant because he didnt want to be tied down to a career.

After bringing his pregnant pet cat Frankenstein aboard Red Dwarf and refusing to hand her over , he was confined to stasis for 18 months , but during that time an explosion leaked radiation into the ship , killing everyone (see Rimmers page), so Holly (the ships computer) had to wait until the background radiation had subsided to a safe level before releasing him .(This unfortunately took 3 million years)

When he emerged from stasis , the only company he had was Rimmer (regenerated as a Hologram) and Cat (see Cats page for info on his origins)

His hobbies include watching old movies and flossing his teeth with the E string off his guitar . He believes he can play the guitar like the ghost of Jimi Hendrix , but cant , and is only allowed to play it outside the ship .

Favorite food includes Vindaloos , triple fried egg chilli chutney sandwich and pizza (with a curry sauce)

Were a real mickey mouse operation